GunSmith Services

Seriously, if it burns powder and goes bang, we have worked on it.  Bringing great-great grandpa’s gallery gun back to life, we have done it.  Tuning the cycle rate on a sub gun?  Yep, done that too.

We offer a full line of services including, but not limited to: restoration, muzzle brakes, trigger jobs, stock bedding, scope mounting, bluing, stock bedding, Cerakote, custom engraving, sight installation, rechambering, etc. 


If you have firearm that needs done right the first time, please contact us at

Customizing Your Contender or Encore

Name of Job Price
Trigger Jobs $95.00
Recrown Your Muzzle $65.00
Shorten Your Barrel, Recrown $80.00
Contender Arrestor Muzzle Brake starts at $175.00
Encore Arrestor Muzzle Brake starts at $175.00
Fish Gill Arrestor Muzzle Brake starts at $185.00
Mag-Na-Porting (4 ports) $150.00
6-Screw T’SOB Base & 3 Rings Installed $88.00
4th Ring $15.50
T’SOB Quarter Rib & 3 Rings Installed, Tapered Encore Only $99.00


Name of Job Price
Rebarreling starts at $700.00, stainless
Rebarreling AR-15s $650.00


Name of Job Price
Rechamber for Contender & Encores
Add $3.00 for extractor when going from rimmed to rimless cartridge and vise versa
Rechamber for Bolt Guns & Other Single Shots $125.00 some higher

Basic Blue

Name of Job Price
Bluing Bolt Action, Single Shot Rifles $125.00
Bluing Contender or Encore Receivers $75.00
Bluing 15” Barrels $85.00
Bluing 10” Barrels $65.00
Bluing 15” Complete Guns $150.00


Name of Job Price
Contender or Encore Actions $130.00
10” Barrels $60.00
15” Barrels $75.00
10” Complete Guns $175.00
15” Complete Guns $185.00

T’SOB Scope Mounting Systems, Installed

Name of Job Price
Most 22 Autos $70.00
Rugers, Other Single Action Revolvers $99.00
Most Rugers, S&W, DW, Colt $99.00
Freedom Arms Revolvers..specify model $112.00

Revolver Services

Name of Job Price
Single Action Trigger Job Including Trigger Stop $105.00
Double Action Trigger Job Including Trigger Stop $115.00
Recut Forcing Cone $40.00 minimum – depends on gun
Recrown $55.00 minimum – depends on gun
Setting Barrel Back, Removing End Shake, Rebarreling, Complete Customizing CALL